Retargeting the user who "ABANDONDED CART"

The only one retargeting tool

"Cart Recovery"

Simulate your opportunity loss Start CART RECOVERY

Do you know that an e-commerce website

has around 70% of sales opportunity loss on average?

don’t buy even though the items are in shopping cart

For example, if your customers added total RM 10,000 value items

in your e-commerce website's shopping cart,

RM 3,000 value items are purchased and

RM 7,000 value items remain in shopping cart without purchasing.

CART RECOVERY is a marketing automation tool

which sends your customers to your website again to continue shopping.

Remind customers
what items are still in shopping cart.

Cart Recovery helps customer to recall items which are still in shopping cart in your website by Email or online advertising, so customer can come back to your website to continue shopping easily

Simple and easy to implement
  • Just add tracking_tag in your web site.
  • Tracking the data on real time.
Real-time report
  • Monitor situation and result on a real-time basis (rate and total amout of sales opportunity loss, performance of email marketing and online advertising, etc)

Send email to your
customer immediately

You can start sending email to your customer minimum 15 minutes after your customer leave your website without buy.

Step email

You can send email to your customer few times, not only one time. And for each email, you can change contents.

online advertising

Show to your customer about what items remain in shopping cart by online advertising. This online advertising content is made automatically (dynamic) based on statistical data.

Online analytics

Can know the details of your loss of sales, for example, item list which remains in shopping cart, total price of them, etc.

Online report

Can see detailed result about EDM and online advertising to plan your future strategy.

Supported multiple devises

All devises are supported for EDM and online advertising.

Responsive-designed email

You can create responsive-design EDM by editor tool very easily.

Friendly support

We support you from implementation to operation in Thai, English, and Japanese.


To know details about current sales opportunity loss

To increase sales by improving sales opportunity loss

Plan new stragety for your e-commerce business by statistical data in Cart Recovery

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Standard Package
10% of total recovered revenue per month (Maximum RM 1,500 per month)

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